Persecution a “part of daily life for Christians in Oman”, former Muslim in Salalah is “treated” with electro shocks for their conversion to Christianity

Unlike many of the other countries on this list, we do not always have stories we can share about this country. Persecution is part of daily life for Christians in Oman. In 2011 a Muslim Background Believer in Salalah was “treated” with electro shocks for their faith. The law allows for religious freedom, but does not allow Christians to evangelize.

Many believe that Oman is a free country- the government tries to display itself as such. However, Christians continue to face persecution.

Open Doors strives to provide pastoral care and support, while distributing Christian literature and media in Oman.Please continue to lift up Christians in this country- a country that seemingly has religious freedom, but where Christians face many acts of persecution.
A Story of Persecution from Oman
Emily F, Open Doors USA, July 24, 2012

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