Gun held to a youth’s head during an attack on a church, for forsaking his ‘Muslim heritage’

Armed and masked men broke into The Fellowship of the Lord’s People church compound during the early morning hours of April 29 and bound four men, taping their mouths. Two brothers, an American, and Morina Kreshnik, a 14-year-old Kosovar, were sleeping on the premises following a Friday night youth meeting. A gun was held to the youth’s head and he was told to deny Jesus, as the gunman said the youth had forsaken his Muslim heritage. Kreshnik refused. The robbers stole a considerable amount of money, a computer and other goods, and daubed the church walls with Islamic graffiti. No one was seriously hurt during the robbery. It was the third time this church has been subject to such an attack since the end of the war. As a result, evangelicals and foreigners in Kosovo are advocating increasing alertness. They believe the church robbery is another sign of the growing potential for religious discrimination in their area.
Church Attack Worries Christians
Compass Direct, May 19, 2000

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