Priests and bishops refuse to baptize Muslim converts to Christianity, for fear of the consequences

A group of Christians and Muslims from Algeria, Morocco and France have planned a pilgrimage in the footsteps of Saint Augustine, their countryman, that will lead them to Milan and Pavia, where the remains of the North African saint of Hippo lie. There are several Muslim converts to Christianity among the group, some for over 40 years, others for just over a year.
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Among the expressed intentions of the pilgrimage is that “Muslims who have heard the call of the Lord Jesus should not be prohibited from entering the Church.” The idea refers to some episodes that have occurred in France and Algeria, where many Muslims who wanted to be baptized, have been impeded by priests and bishops, fearful of the consequences and overly precautious.
Christians and Muslims from Algeria to Italy in the footsteps of Saint Augustine
Asia News, August 13, 2010

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