The pain of losing someone you love can be unbearable. But imagine losing your children to the hands of ISIS? That was the experience of one Muslim mother from Iraq. Miraculously, she found God through this horrific ordeal of suffering.

“I left my sons at home and went to visit my sister who lives seven hours away. Her husband had just passed away. I went to comfort her. ISIS members came into my house while my sons were sleeping and slaughtered them,” Amal recalled. She fled to Greece to escape the pain and forget about her children.

Eventually, she was approached by a volunteer, Katy, who invited her to Church. It was the start of a life-changing journey to Jesus. “When I visited the church on Friday I felt so comfortable and I slept that night without taking a sleeping pill. I was so happy. I loved the program. Everything I heard is so true. It’s all in the Bible. It was a happy day for me,” Amal said, according to Christian Today.

Amal later had surgery on her liver, and was amazed by the support network she found in Church. “It’s true that my children were taken away, but God stood by me when I need him during the surgery. After surgery, my connection with God became stronger because I got to the church more often and I could trust God,” she said.

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