Muslim Woman Comes Back To Life After 2 Days In Mortuary, Says Jesus Brought Her Back


A Muslim woman who was pronounced dead and lying cold in a morgue in Moscow, Russia for two days, shared a story of how Jesus gave her back her life.

Based on her testimony, the woman, named Sabina, says while she was lying at the morgue surrounded by corpses, she had a vision of a tree growing at the top of the well, according to Assist News.

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From its trunk, a branch moved toward her. The branch then changed into flesh as Sabina heard the words, “If you grab onto my hand, I will bring you back to life.”

Sabina did as instructed and suddenly, she returned to life and stepped out of the hospital gurney.

Sabina said she heard the voices of doctors searching for a missing cadaver—hers.

“I’m alive. Don’t worry,” she shouted at the frightened doctors.

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The medical staff offered her water, food and clothes, and arranged for her transport to a university research hospital in Moscow, where she had traveled from Central Asia to visit her imprisoned son.

Mystified hospital personnel could not explain how Sabina returned to life after spending two days in a coma and then two more days in the morgue.

When she returned to her home somewhere in Central Asia, Sabina had another big surprise for her family. “There’s somewhere I have to go,” she told her daughters.

She headed for a Pentecostal church and promptly professed her faith in Jesus Christ, leaving behind her Muslim faith.

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The hand that lifted her from the gurney at the morgue, returning her to life, unmistakeably belongs to Jesus. That’s why she readily embraced Him upon returning home in gratitude for His saving grace.

After she told her six daughters and a son about how she came back to life, they all converted to Christianity.

Sabina also saw her mother and a niece embrace Jesus.

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  1. Jesus said in John 10 vs 10 that the thieves cometh not but to steal, kill and destroy but He has come that we may have life and have it more abundantly. Thank you Jesus for being a covenant keep father

  2. Two faces of eternity is very real, don’t be deceive, the choices we make here on earth determine where we be spending our eternity, either in Heaven with God, through faith in Christ Jesus, living the life of the kingdom in mind, through holiness, righteousness, and peace with men. Or in Hell with the Devil, through rejection of the faith in Christ Jesus , by living in opposite of the kingdoms life, through all unrighteousness, unholines and wickedness to men. Therefore make right choice today by letting Christ Jesus be the Lord of your life, your will never regret anything after leaving this wicked World that will soon roll away like a scroll, so said the Word of God. May the Lord help us as we make that right choice this day. Amen

  3. Jesus is the way the truth and the life no man going to the father accept through him ,God help me to be faithful an your grace to continue guiding me till the day of your returning

  4. Signs,wonders and miracles are taking place qns Jesus Christ is showing Himself real and drawing lived ones to Himself.Prophesy unfolding and preparing those who love Jesus to be alert and ready,Jesus is on His way, indeed we ate living in the last days.Even so,come Lord Jesus

  5. Comment:you must thank God at all times for you.for God chose you as the first to be saved by the holy spirit’s power from death.

  6. It’s always my joy. Infact, my reason for existence is seeing muslims coming to Christ devotedly. Glory be to our risen Lord in the Highest.

    • That’s great .May the good Lord continue to reach out to them, because He desired not the death of a diner(s), but that all shall come to the knowledge of Him.

  7. JESUS, came to save (ALL) SINNERS / those who do not know him. He cared little, for race, colour, or creed, “Man looks at the outside, GOD LOOKS AT THE HEART. Am SO HEARTENED, to read of the many conversions taken / taking place. To see, to know, how much, these conversions have changed their lives, and FEEL, THE HAND OF GOD.

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