Muslim Girl Shares How A Vision Of Jesus Saved Her From Suicide


“Before me in my darkness, Jesus stood. I heard him say the words: ‘follow me.’”

A former Muslim girl has told her incredible story of rescue and redemption after Jesus appeared to her in a vision. California resident Nikki Tayebian was on vacation in Tehran when she started to experience emotional difficulties and even contemplated taking her own life. She felt hopeless and alone.

I lay in bed in a cold room inside my family’s house. I was alone, on purpose,” she wrote in a piece for The College Fix. “The isolation was my sole comfort as panic and anxiety gripped me, as self-loathing and angst got the better of me.”

Then, something extraordinary happened – she was Jesus Christ. “I closed my eyes for a moment and it was then saw an image. My eyelids flew open, and I questioned if I just saw something real,” Tayebian wrote. “I quickly closed them back up, and a smile slowly spread across my face.”

“Before me in my darkness, Jesus stood. I heard him say the words: ‘follow me.’”

From that point forward, everything changed.

When I returned to Southern California … I started to seek. And thankfully, I started dating someone who took me to church and introduce me to a whole new family,” she detailed. “The beginning of my journey was rough, like taking off a bandaid really hard and really fast and then sitting in a burning hot sauna as the wound stung.”

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