Melissa: I Was Trafficked At Age 12, Lit On Fire And Dumped In Trash, But God……


While Melissa’s story is difficult to read about—that such heartless abuse could be done to a human being, let alone a child, for far too long the horror of human trafficking has been ‘swept under the rug’ because it’s easier not to think about it. But the reality is, at this moment so many children and even helpless adults are being forced as slaves to satisfy another’s perverse fantasies, all for money. The good news is there are now many ministries and organizations that rescue and rehabilitate these precious victims. Supporting them is a tangible way to help fight this unbelievable abuse, and of course, let’s remember to pray.

She grew up in the Dallas/Ft.Worth area and from a very young age knew nothing but physical and sexual abuse at the hands of a male family member.

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“In the 6th grade I was yanked out of school,” Melissa Woodward shared with Pure Passion Ministries in a heartbreaking video exposé of trafficking in America.

The family member began taking her to bars at night, selling Melissa to different men. “Sometimes the acts of service would occur in my bedroom,” she recounted. “Other times they would occur outside the bar.”

Sometimes she woke up drugged, not knowing what happened or where she was. “I would have to find my way back home on a city bus,” she recalled.

Truancy officers began to wonder why Melissa was not in school and started “snooping around.” This pressure—along with mounting gambling debts by her family member—led to her sale into the dark, nether world of trafficking in America.

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“He traded me off like a piece of property,” she said. One night she woke up and found herself in an underground storage area.

Life underground

“There were 14 other little girls with me. We were each chained to a metal twin-sized bed. We were given no more than a sandwich a day to eat or whatever food they would throw on the floor to us.”

But at night things changed. “Women came in an doll you up and make you look like Cinderella and they present you to their customers as a willing little girl,” she recounted.


Melissa said her customers involved with the trafficking ring were often businessmen, lawyers, and doctors. She was forced to service between five and 30 men a night.

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Some of the girls left and never come back. “I knew they weren’t alive anymore. It was really scary so I just did the best I could. We were never allowed to say no.”

One day—after she had already spent 18 months in this horrible world—a customer uploaded an idea from the pit of Hell.

“He said he had the fantasy of watching a little girl burn to death,” she recounted, as she began to sob quietly. “He took me and poured kerosene from the waist down and struck a match.”

She woke up a few days later in a trash dumpster and heard someone saying, “She needs help. She needs help. I think she’s still alive..

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