The Coptic version is one of the earliest and the most important version of the New Testament.

The Crosby-Schøyen Codex, Book of Jonah and 1 Peter; the 3rd or 4th centuries; University of Mississippi
British Library MS. Oriental 7594, Deuteronomy, Jonah, and Acts; the 3rd/4th century
Michigan MS. Inv 3992, 1 Corinthians, Titus, and the Book of Psalms; 4th century
Berlin MS. Or. 408, 4th century
British Library MS. Oriental 3518 4th century
Papyrus Bodmer III
Papyrus Bodmer XIX — Matthew 14:28-28:20; Romans 1:1-2:3; 4th or 5th century.
Codex Copticus Tischendorfianus I – fragments of the four Gospels; 9th or 10th century
Bohairic manuscripts
Papyrus Bodmer III is the oldest manuscript of the Bohairic version
Huntington MS 17, A, Bohairic-Arabic, dated to 1174, the oldest manuscript with complete text of the four Gospels in Bohairic
Huntington MS 20, Bohairic-Greek, with complete text of the four Gospels
Oriental MS 424, Bohairic-Arabic, dated to 1308, with complete text of the Pauline epistles, Catholic epistles, and the Acts
Oriental MS 425, H2, Bohairic-Arabic
Oriental MS 426, Bohairic-Arabic
Oriental MS 1001, E2, Bohairic-Greek, 12th century, British Library
Oriental MS 1315, E1, Bohairic-Arabic, 1208, British Library
Oriental MS 1316, H3, Bohairic-Arabic, 1663, British Library
Oriental MS 1317, Bohairic-Arabic, 1814, British Library
Oriental MS 3381, 13th century, British Library
Additional MS 5995, D4, Bohairic-Arabic, 14th century, British Library
Additional MS 14470, Bohairic-Arabic, 15th century, British Library
Codex Marshall Or. 5 – Bohairic-Greek, 14th century, Bodleian Library
Codex Marshall Or. 6 – Bohairic-Greek, 1320, Bodleian Library
Codex Marshall Or. 99 – 16th century, Bodleian Library

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