Ancient Wells, Living Water: God Invites You to Come and Drink
At the Cross: Where Healing Begins
Breakthrough Covenant Devotional
Breakthrough Covenant Shield
Breakthrough Jubilee Bible, Modern English Version
Breakthrough Miracle Bible; KJV
Breakthrough: Power-Packed Quotes from One of the World’s Most Dynamic Preachers
Could It be ?
Culturally Incorrect: How Clashing Worldviews Affect Your Future
Daily Breakthrough (Devotional)
Don’t Look Now
El Espiritu de los Vencedores
God’s Answer to Insufficient Funds
God’s End-Time Calendar: Revealing the Prophetic Meaning Behind Events Leading to the Dawn of Eternity
Gone: One ManOne TombOne Sunday
Grace: Uncovered, Unfiltered, Undeserved
He Came First Following Christ To Spiritual Breakthrough
Holiness: Living Leaven Free
I’m Glad You Asked (Biblical Answers to Some of Life’s Toughest Questions)
Living on Our Heads (Library Edition): Righting an Upside-Down Culture
My Promise is the Palace: So What Am I Doing in the Pit?
No Dry Season: Raising High God’s Standard of Living for This Final Generation
No More Crumbs : Your Invitation to Sit & Feast at the King’s Table
On the Brink: Breaking Through Every Obstacle Into the Glory of God
Praise and worship
Preparing for the Glory: Living Leaven Free
Refiner’s fire: Living in a world of compromise
Releasing the Power of the Resurrection
Renamed and redeemed: Operating in the name of Jesus ; a teaching syllabus
Repairers of the Breach: A Return to the Discarded Values of the Past (Revised Edition)
Repairers of the Breach: There is Much to Be Gained by a Return to the Discarded Values of the Past
Serious Survival Strategies: For Victory
Silent No More
Strengthening the roots of your family tree: A teaching study guide
Ten Golden Keys to Your Abundance
The Backside of Calvary : Where Healing Stained the Cross
The Cross: One Man One Tree One Friday
The Day Before Eternity: The End of the Age May Be Closer Than You Think
The Days Before Eternity: Hope Beyond the Scope of the Impending Apocalypse
The Finale: One World, One Ruler, One Reign
Touched By the Anointing
Tribulation to triumph: A mandate for today’s church

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