List Of Books By Peter Wagner


In his earlier years Apostle Peter Wagner was known as a key leader of the Church Growth Movement and later for his writings on spiritual warfare.

See The List Of Books Written By Apostle Peter Wagner

1. Warfare Prayer: What the Bible Says about Spiritual Warfare
2. Supernatural Forces in Spiritual Warfare
3. Spiritual Warfare Strategy.
4. Discover Your Spiritual Gifts
5. This Changes Everything
6. Radical Holiness for Radical Living
7. Freedom From the Religious Spirit 
8. Let’s Laugh: Discovering How Laughter Will Make You Healthy
9. Servant Leadership
10. Territorial Spirits
11. Confronting the Queen of Heaven
12. Breaking Spiritual Strongholds in Your City. 
13. The Book of Acts: A Commentary
14. Hard-Core Idolatry: Facing the Facts 
15. The Every church Guide to Growth: How Any Plateaued Church Can Grow
16. Humility
17. Dominion: How Kingdom Action Can Change the World
18. Latin American Theology. Radical or Evangelical.
19. Your Spiritual Gifts Can Help Your Church Grow.
20. Strategies for Church Growth.
21. How to Have a Healing Ministry.
22. The New Apostolic Churches.
23. Churchquake!.
24. Changing Church.
25. Engaging the Enemy
26. Prayer Warrior Series, 1992-1997.

  • Warfare Prayer: How to Seek God’s Power and Protection in the Battle to Build His Kingdom.
  • Prayer shield: How to intercede for pastors, Christian leaders, and others on the spiritual frontlines.
  • Confronting the Powers: How the New Testament Church Experienced the Power of Strategic-Level Spiritual Warfare.
  • Praying With Power : How to Pray Effectively and Hear Clearly from God.9

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