1. When Samson killed 1000 Philistines at Lehi what weapon did he use? —– Ans: The jawbone of an ass (Judges 15:15)
  2. How old was David when he was anointed King of Israel? —–  Ans: 30 years (2 Samuel 5:4)
  3. Which disciples witnessed Jesus’ Transfiguration? —– Ans: Peter, James & John (Matthew 17:1-2, Mark 9:2, Luke 9:28-29)
  4. In Damascus, whose sight was restored by Ananias? —– Ans: Saul of Tarsus (Acts 9:17-18)
  5. To whom did Jesus say, “Get thee behind me, Satan”? —– Ans: Peter (Matthew 16:23 & Mark 8:33) and Satan (Luke 4:8)
  6. What are the final words of Jesus recorded in the New Testament? —– Ans: “Surely I come quickly” (Revelations 22:20)
  7. Prior to his conversion, how did Saul refer to the followers of Jesus Christ? —–Ans: The Way (Acts 9:2)
  8. How many rivers were formed from the river that went out of Eden? —– Ans: Four (Genesis 2:10) [Pishon, Gihon, Hiddekel, and Euphrates]
  9. What is the name of the place where Jacob slept and dreamed of Jacob’s Ladder? —– Ans: Bethel (Genesis 28:19)
  10. Who told Naaman to wash in the river Jordan seven times in order to cure his leprosy? —– Ans: Elisha (2 Kings 5:10)
  11. Who announced to Zachariah that his wife would bear a child to be named John (the Baptist)? —– Ans: The Angel Gabrieal (Luke 1:13)
  12. Who said, “…as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord”? —– Ans: Joshua (Joshua 24:15)
  13. In what village was Christ when he turned the water into wine? —– Ans: Cana of Galilee (John 2:11)
  14. How is the name “Emmanuel” interpreted? —– Ans: God is with us (Matthew 2:23)
  15. God tested Abraham by telling him to offer his only son as a burnt offering. Who was that son? —– Ans: Isaac (Genesis 22:2)
  16. How much was Judas paid to betray Jesus? —– Ans: 30 pieces of silver (Matthew 26:15)
  17. Who personally baptized more people, Jesus or John the Baptist? —– Ans: John the Baptist (John 4:2)
  18. Who witnessed Elijah being taken up to Heaven? —– Ans: Elisha (2 Kings 2: 11-12)
  19. Who hid Joshua’s spies from Jericho’s king? —– Ans: Rahab (Joshua 2:1-4)
  20. Moses died at age 120 and was buried in a valley of Moab. Who buried him? —– Ans: The Lord (Deuteronomy 34: 6)
  21. How many years were the Israelites in bondage in Egypt? —– Ans: 430 (Exodous 12:40-41)
  22. When they heard of the adversity that had befallen Job, how many of his friends came to comfort him? —– Ans. Three (Job 2:11)
  23. Who is the only woman mentioned in Paul’s letter to Philemon? —– Ans: Apphia, a Christian of Colossae (Philemon 2)
  24. What part of the day did Christ embark on the boat from which He calmed the waters? —– Ans: Evening (Mark 4:35)
  25. The Bible says Jesus had four brothers. What were their names? —– Ans: James, Joses (Joseph), Simon and Judas (Mark 6:3 & Matthew 13:55)
  26. After his epiphany, how long did Paul spend in Arabia before beginning his ministry? —– Ans: Three years (Galatians 1:18)
  27. How many troops did Sennacherib lose at the siege of Jerusalem? —– Ans: 185,000 (2 Kings 19:35)
  28. Who was the father of John the Baptist? —– Ans: Zacharias (Luke 3:2)
  29. How many demons came out of Mary called Magdalene? —– Ans: Seven (Luke 8:2)
  30. When the multitude came out to be baptized, how did John the Baptist characterize them? —– Ans: Brood of vipers (Luke 3:7)
  31. From what tribe of Israel did the Apostle Paul come? —– Ans: Benjamin (Philippians 3:5)
  32. Who directed Paul to preach to the Gentiles? —– Ans: Jesus Christ (Acts 26:17)
  33. Who was the king of Israel when David slew Goliath? —– Ans: Saul (1 Samuel 17)
  34. To whom did God describe Job as a perfect and upright man? —– Ans: Satan (Job 1:8)
  35. Who said, “Silver and Gold have I none, but such as I have I give thee?” —– Ans: Peter (Acts 3:6)
  36. James, the brother of John was the first Apostle martyred. How was he killed? —– Ans: With a sword (Acts 12:2)
  37. How old was Abraham when his son Isaac was born? —– Ans: 100 years (Genesis 21:5)
  38. What was the title placed on Jesus’ cross? —– Ans: THIS IS THE KING OF THE JEWS (Luke 24:38) or  JESUS OF NAZARETH THE KING OF THE JEWS (John 19:19)
  39. Who took his rod and stretched out his hand upon the waters of Egypt to turn them into blood? —– Ans: Aaron (Exodus 7: 19-20)
  40. Where were the disciples first called Christians? —– Ans. Antioch (Acts 11:26)
  41. When Jesus struggled with his cross, who was forced to bear it for him? —– Ans. Simon from Cyrene (Mark 15:21; Matthew 27:32)
  42. According to the Book of Revelations, what needs to be done to receive the crown of life? —– Ans. Be thou faithful unto death (Revelations 2:10)
  43. Two bodies of water were parted in the Bible. What were they? —– Ans: Red Sea by Moses (Exodus 14:21-22) & the Jordan River by Joshua (Joshua 3:7 through 4:18) and by Elijah and Elisha (2 Kings 2: 2-8 and 13-14)
  44. How tall was Goliath? —– Ans: 6 cubits and a span (1 Samuel 17:4) (approx 9+ feet)
  45. The Gospel of Matthew establishes the lineage of Jesus. How many generations are there between Abraham and Jesus? —– Ans: (Matthew 1:17)
  46. What did Paul say was the fulfillment of the Law? —– Ans: Love (Romans 13:10)
  47. Psalm 119 is the longest chapter in the Bible. What is the shortest? —– Ans: Psalm 117
  48. What are the dimensions of the Arc of the Covenant? —– Ans: 2 ½ cubits long, 1 ½ cubits wide, 1 ½ cubits high (Exodus 37:1)
  49. There are only two perfect cubes described in Scripture. What are they? —– Ans: The Most Holy Place (1 Kings 6:20) and New Jerusalem (Revelation 21:16)
  50. God parted the Red Sea so Moses and the Israelites could cross. What body of water did He part so Joshua and the Israelites could cross? —– Ans: Jordan River (Joshua 3:15-17)
  51. At Christ’s crucifixion when did darkness come over the whole land and how long did it last? —– Ans: Noon for three hours (Matthew 27:45)
  52. How old was Gideon when he died? —– Ans: A good old age (Judges 8:32)
  53. How many persons were sealed as “servants of our God on their forehead”? —– Ans: 144,000 (Revelations 7:4)
  54. What is the name of the City of God? —– Ans: New Jerusalem (Revelations 3:12)
  55. Who was the father of David? —– Ans: Jesse (Ruth 4:22)
  56. To which king did Isaac hide his spousal relationship with Rebecca by claiming she was his sister? —– Ans: Abimelech (Genesis 26: 1-9)
  57. Who were the three named women who found Christ’s tomb open and empty? —– Ans: Mary Magdalene, Joanna, Mary the mother of James (Luke 24:10)
  58. To which tribe of Israel did Moses belong? —– Ans: Levi (Exodus 2:1)
  59. Which gospels are the Synoptic Gospels? —– Ans: Matthew, Mark & Luke
  60. To what land did Moses flee after killing the Egyptian soldier? —– Ans: Midian (Exodus 2:15)
  61. Who was the eldest brother, Aaron or Moses? ans.  Aaron (Exodus 7:7)
  62. Christ’s first miracle was turning water into wine. Where did this occur? —– Ans: The wedding at Cana (John 2:6-9)
  63. Sarah was Abraham’s first wife. Who was his second? ans.  Keturah (Genesis 25:1)
  64. What relic did Moses remove from Egypt at the time of the Exodus? —– Ans: The bones of Joseph (Exodus 13:19)
  65. How old was Abraham when he was circumcised? —– Ans: 99 (Genesis 17:
  66. What is the sign of the covenant between God and Abraham? —– Ans: Male circumcision (Genesis 17:10)
  67. After Christ’s triumphal entrance into Jerusalem and after visiting the temple, where did he spend the night? —– Ans: In Bethany (Mark 11:11)
  68. The first two disciples selected by Jesus were brothers. Name them. —– Ans: Simon and Andrew (Mark 1:16)
  69. Which of the tribes of Israel was prohibited from owning land in Canaan? —– Ans: The Levites (Deuteronomy 18:2)
  70. What city is called the City of David? —– Ans: Bethlehem (Luke 2:4)
  71. Who ate honey out of a lion’s carcass? —– Ans: Samson (Judges 14:5-9)
  72. What famous city did Nebuchadnezzar rule? —– Ans:  Babylon
  73. Who was Israel’s first high priest? —– Ans: Aaron (Exodus 28)
  74. What colours of yarn were used to create the sacred ephod and breast piece worn by the high priest Aaron? —– Ans: Gold, blue, purple and scarlet (Exodus 28)
  75. Who were the parents of King Solomon? —– Ans: David and Bathsheba
  76. In the Bible, who did the sun and moon stand still before? —– Ans: Joshua
  77. How many books of the Bible are named after women? —– Ans: two – Ruth and Esther
  78. Who is the only woman whose age is mentioned in the Bible? —– Ans: Sarah
  79. In the Bible, for what “price” did Esau sell his birthright to his younger twin brother, Jacob? —– Ans: pottage of lentils (Genesis 25:29-34)
  80. What is the name of the sea where Christ harnessed a raging storm? —– Ans: the Sea of Galilee.
  81. Name the books in the Bible christened after women. —– Ans: Ruth and Esther.
  82. Name the cities spiflicated by God in the Book of Genesis. —– Ans: Sodom and Gomorrah.
  83. Name Goliath’s chosen arms for fighting with David. —– Ans: sword and a spear, Samuel 17:45.
  84. How many Jews were exiled to Babylon by Nebuchadnezzar? —– Ans: 4600 (Jeremiah 52:30)
  85. When Moses was preparing the Israelites for their coming confrontation with the seven nations of Canaan, how large an army did he raise? —– Ans: 603,550 (Numbers 1:46)
  86. When God finally let the Israelites enter the promised land of Canaan, how many nations had to be destroyed? —– Ans: Seven (Acts 13:19)
  87. Who leapt in his mother’s womb when Mary visited? —– Ans: John the Baptist (Luke 1:41)
  88. What does “Golgotha” mean? —– Ans: The place of the skull (Matthew 27:33; Mark 15:22; John 19:17)
  89. After the 5000 ate their fill of the 5 loaves and 2 fishes, how much food was left over? —– Ans: Twelve baskets full (Matthew 14:20)
  90. On the seventh day, how many times did Joshua’s army march around Jericho before the walls fell? —– Ans: Seven (Joshua 6:5)
  91. What did Moses do that kept him from entering the land of Canaan? —– Ans: He brought forth water from the rock by striking it twice with his rod rather than by speaking to it as God commanded. (Numbers 20:8-12)
  92. Who did God describe as “a blameless and upright man”? —– Ans: Job (Job 1:8)
  93. What were the two animals in the Old Testament that spoke to humans? —– Ans: A Serpent (Genesis 3:1-4) and an Ass (Numbers 22:28-30)
  94. Whose flock was Moses tending when he encountered the burning bush? —– Ans: Jethro, his father-in-law (Exodus 3:1)
  95. Who said, “Silver and gold have I none; but such as I have I give thee”? —– Ans: Peter (Acts 3:6)
  96. How long was Jonah in the belly of the great fish? —– Ans: Three days and three nights (Jonah 1:17)
  97. How many days did Joshua’s troops march around Jerico before the walls fell? —– Ans: Seven days (Joshua 6:3-5: Hebrews 11:3)
  98. What was the handwriting on the wall? —– Ans: MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN [PARSIN] (Daniel 5: 26-28)
  99. Where is King David buried? —– Ans: The City of David [Old Jerusalem] (1 Kings 2:10)
  100. At the transfiguration who appeared and talked to Christ? —– Ans: Elijah and Moses (Matthew 17:3; Mark 9:4; Luke 9:30)


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