Dr. Abel Damina is the founder and senior Pastor of Power City International Church with headquarters at 98 Nwaniba Road, Uyo, Akwa Ibom state, Nigeria.

1.The Priesthood of Jesus
2.God in a Man
3.The True Nature of God
4.Realities of the New Testament
5.Grace: The Struggle-Free Zone
6.Higher Life

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7 The New Testament Walk of Faith
8.Unveiling Christ
9.Foundation of the Curse, Curses & Cursing
10.Knowing & Believing the Father’s Love
11. Soteria – Season 3
12. Soteria – Season 2
13. Soteria – Season 1
14.The True Nature of God
15.Overcoming Sin Consciousness
16.Grace: Struggle Free Zone
17.The New Creation
18.Practical Holiness
19.The Believer and Sin
20.The Concept of Deliverance
21.The Fruit of Salvation
22.100% Answered Prayer Guaranteed – Pt 3
23.100% Answered Prayer Guaranteed – Pt 2
24.100% Answered Prayer Guaranteed – Pt 1
25.Eternal Life
26.The In-Christ Realities
27.The Old & New Covenant
28.Manifesting the Sons of God
29.Unmasking the Accuser
30.The Unsearchable Riches of Christ – Pt 2
31.The Unsearchable Riches of Christ – Pt 1


  1. I am richly blessed by the teachings of Dr Abel Damina…..I pray for more divine inspirations and grace and oul upon his life and ministry.

  2. I am very inspired and wish to place an order for Dr Abel Damina’s books I wish to request for a price of a book the Christo centric meal and wish to request for the price in south African Rands and how to order the book .

  3. I am firmly spiritually touched by the revelational teachings of Dr. Abel Damina. I pray for more grace and Spirit inspiration.

  4. dr Abell is really a blessing to me in his bold teachings which are transfoming, would like to buy his books to increase in knowledge of the word.


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