Asa Alonso Allen, better known as A. A. Allen, was a minister with a Pentecostal evangelistic healing and deliverance ministry. He was, for a time, associated with the “Voice of Healing” movement founded by Gordon Lindsay.

See List of Books By A. A. Allen

1953 – Demon Possession Today and How to Be Free
1953 – God Will Heal You
1953 – How to Renew Your Youth Without Medicine, Drugs, or Surgery
1953 – The Man Whose Number is 666!
1954 – God’s Last Message to a Dying World
1954 – How to Have Freedom from Fear, Worry, Nerves
1954 – How to Have Power Over the Devil
1954 – My Vision of the Destruction of America Atop the Empire State Building
1958 – If I Make My Bed in Hell
1964 – Command Ye Me!
1967 – Bargain Counter Religion
1967 – Is It Religion or Racket? Faith or Fear?
1968 – God’s Guarantee to Bless and Prosper You Financially
1968 – Witchcraft, Wizards and Witches
1970 – Born to Lose, Bound to Win, autobiography written with Walter Wagner
1954 – God’s Man of Faith and Power: The Life Story of A. A. Allen by his wife, Lexie E. Allen
1963 – Starving Sheep and Overfed Shepherds by Clarence G. Mitchell


America’s Sore Evil
Can God?
Divorce and the Lying Demon
Does God Heal through Medicine?
Except it Be for Fornication
God’s Guarantee to Heal You
Let My People Go!
My Besetting Sin!
Demons Are Real Today!, a collection of drawings by a young girl


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