Yakman – meaning powerful, godly essence, almighty.
Yakob – Yacob, Yacoub, Jacob
Yehoyada – God knew.
Yashua or Eashoa – (also Esho – Eshu and Isho in Assyrian/Aamaic) the Aramaic name of Jesus
Yahweh – Yahwe, Yahawe, Yahave, Yehovah, Jehova or Jehovah, spellings of the pronunciation of YHVH
Yehezkel , variant of Ezekiel
Yoav – (יואב – Joab), “The Lord is father”
Yoel – Joel
Yohanan – Youkhana, Jonathan
Yonan – Younan, Aramaic/Chaldo,Assyrian names for John
Yosef – Yosep, Yosip, Yusuf, Joseph
Yuval – “fresh water stream” , “Water source that feeds into a stream”, Yuval is the first musician and artist mentioned in the Bible.

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