Ucal – power, prevalency
Uel – desiring God
Ulai – strength; fool; senseless
Ulam – the porch; the court; their strength; their folly
Ulla – elevation; leaf; young child
Ummah – darkened; covered; his people
Unni – poor; afflicted; that answers
Uphaz – pure gold; gold of Phasis or Pison
Upharsin – divided
Ur – fire, light, a valley
Urbane – courteous
Uri – my light, my fire
Uriah – or Urijah, the Lord is my light or fire
Uriel – God is my light or fire
Urim – lights; fires
Uthai – my iniquity
Uz – counsel; words
Uzai – he
Uzal – wandering
Uzzah – strength; goat
Uzzen-sherah – ear of the flesh
Uzzi – my strength; my kid
Uzziah – Uzzie, – the strength, or kid, of the Lord

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