Sabaoth – rest day
Sabeans – captivity; conversion; old age
Sabtah – a going about or circuiting; old age
Sabtechah – that surrounds; that causes wounding
Sacar – wares; a price
Sadducees – followers of Sadoc, or Zadok
Sadoc – or Zadok – just; righteous
Salah – mission; sending
Salamis – shaken; test; beaten
Salathiel – asked or lent of God
Salcah – thy basket; thy lifting up
Salem – complete or perfect peace
Salim – foxes; fists; path
Sallai – Sallu – an exaltation; a basket
Salma – peace; perfection
Salmon – peaceable; perfect; he that rewards
Salome – same as Salmon – femine version
Samaria – watch -mountain
Samlah – his raiment; his left hand; his astonishment
Samos – full of gravel
Samothracia – an island possessed by the Samians and Thracians
Samson – his son; his service; there the second time
Samuel – lent of God; heard by God; asked of God
Sanballat – bramble,bush; enemy in secret
Sanhedrin – sitting together
Sansannah – bough or bramble of the enemy
Saph – rushes; sea -moss
Saphir – delightful
Sapphira – that relates or tells
Sarah – lady; mother of the multitude
Sarai – my lady; my princess
Sardis – prince of joy
Sardites – removing a dissension
Sarepta – a goldsmith’s shop
Sargon – who takes away protection
Sarid – remaining; hand of a prince
Saron – same as Sharon
Sarsechim – master of the wardrobe
Saruch – branch; layer; lining
Satan – contrary; adversary; enemy; accuser
Saul – demanded; lent; ditch; death
Sceva – disposed; prepared
Seba – a drunkard; that turns
Sebat – twig; scepter; tribe
Sebia – Latin language|Latin form of Zibiah found in the Douay,Rheims Bible|Douay, Rheims
Secacah – shadow; covering; defense
Sechu – defense; bough
Secundus – second
Segub – fortified; raised
Seir – Seirath, hairy; goat; demon; tempest
Sela – a rock
Sela -hammah,lekoth, rock of divisions
Selah – the end; a pause
Seled – affliction; warning
Seleucia – shaken or beaten by the waves
Sem – same as Shem
Semachiah – joined to the Lord
Semaiah – obeying the Lord
Semei – hearing; obeying
Senaah – bramble; enemy
Seneh – same as Senaah
Senir – bed -candle; changing
Sennacherib – bramble of destruction
Seorim – gates; hairs; tempests
Sephar – book; scribe; number
Sepharad – a book descending
Sepharvaim – the two books; the two scribes
Serah – lady of scent; song; the morning star
Seraiah – prince of the Lord
Seraphim – burning; fiery
Sered – dyer’s vat
Sergius – net
Serug – branch; layer; twining
Seth – put; who puts; fixed
Sethur – hid; destroying
Shaalabbim – understanding, or son of a fox
Shaalbim – that beholds the heart
Shaalbonite – a fox’s building
Schaaph – fleeing; thinking
Shaaraim – gates; valuation; hairs
Shaashgaz – he that presses the fleece; that shears the sheep
Shabbethai – my rest
Shachia – protection of the Lord
Shadrach – tender – nipple
Shage – touching softly; multiplying much
Shalem – same as Salem
Shalim – same as Salim
Shalisha – three; the third; prince; captain
Shallum – perfect; agreeable
Shalmai – my garment
Shalman – peaceable; perfect; that rewards
Shalmaneser – peace; tied; chained; perfection; retribution
Shamariah – throne or keeping of the Lord
Shamayim – the heavens
Shamed – destroying; wearing out
Shamer – keeper; thorn; dregs
Shamgar – named a stranger; he is here a stranger
Shamhuth – desolation; destruction
Shamir – Shamer, prison; bush; lees; thorn
Shammah – hear, take notice, listen
Shammai – my name; my desolations
Shammoth – names; desolations
Shammuah – he that is heard; he that is obeyed
Shamsherai – there a singer or conqueror
Shapham – Shaphan, rabbit; wild rat; their lip; their brink
Shaphat – judge
Sharai – my lord; my prince; my song
Sharar – navel; thought; singing
Sharezer – overseer of the treasury – or of the storehouse
Sharon – plain – as in land
Shashai – rejoicing; mercy; linen
Shashak – a bag of linen; the sixth bag
Shaul – Saul – asked; lent; a grave
Shaveh – the plain; that makes equality
Shealtiel – same as Salathiel
Sheariah – gate of the Lord; tempest of the Lord
Shear -jashub, the remnant shall return
Sheba – oath
Shebam – compassing about; old men
Shebaniah – the Lord that converts, or recalls from captivity
Shebarim – breakings; hopes
Sheber – breaking; hope
Shebna – who rests himself; who is now captive
Shebuel – turning, or captivity, or seat – of God
Shecaniah – habitation of the Lord
Shechem – part; portion; back early in the morning
Shedeur – field of light; light of the Almighty
Shehariah – mourning or blackness of the Lord
Shelah – that breaks; that unties; that undresses
Shelemiah – God is my perfection; my happiness; my peace
Sheleph – who draws out
Shelesh – captain; prince
Shelomi – Shelomith – my peace; my happiness; my recompense
Shelumiel – same as Shelemiah
Shem – name; renown
Shema – hearing; obeying
Shemaiah – that hears or obeys the Lord
Shemariah – God is my guard
Shemeber – name of force; name of the strong
Shemer – guardian; thorn
Shemida – name of knowledge; that puts knowledge
Sheminith – eighth (traditionally explained as an eight, stringed instrument – though more likely an octave)
Shemiramoth – the height of the heavens
Shemuel – appointed by God
Shen – tooth; ivory; change
Shenazar – treasurer of a tooth
Shenir – lantern; light that sleeps
Shephatiah – the Lord that judges
Shephi – beholder; honeycomb; garment
Shepho – desert
Shephuphan – serpent
Sherah – flesh; relationship
Sherebiah – singing with the Lord
Sheshach – bag of flax or linen
Sheshai – six; mercy; flax
Sheshan – lily; rose; joy; flax
Sheshbazzar – joy in tribulation; joy of the vintage
Shethar – putrefied; searching
Shethar -boznai – that makes to rot; that seeks those who despise me
Sheva – vanity; elevation; fame; tumult
Shibboleth – Sibboleth – ear of corn; stream or flood
Shibmah – overmuch captivity – or sitting
Shicron – drunkenness; his gift; his wages
Shiggaion – a song of trouble or comfort
Shihon – sound; wall of strength
Shihor -libnah, blackness of Libnah
Shilhi – Shilhim, bough; weapon; armor
Shillem – peace; perfection; retribution
Shiloah – same as Siloah
Shiloh – sent
Shiloh (name of a city), peace; abundance
Shilom – tarrying; peace -maker
Shilshah – three; chief; captain
Shimeah – Shimeath – that hears – or obeys; perdition
Shimei – Shimi, that hears or obeys; my reputation; my fame
Shimeon – same as Simeon
Shimma – same as Shimeah
Shimon – providing well; fatness; oil
Shimrath – hearing; obedient
Shimshai – my son
Shimri – thorn; dregs
Shimrith – Shimron, same as Shimri
Shinab – father of changing
Shinar – watch of him that sleeps
Shiphi – multitude
Shiphrah – handsome; trumpet; that does good
Shisha – of marble; pleasant
Shishak – present of the bag; of the pot; of the thigh
Shitrai – gatherer of money
Shittim – thorns
Shiza – this gift
Shoa – kings; tyrants
Shobab – returned; turned back; a spark
Shobach – your bonds; your chains
Shobai – turning captivity
Shobal – path; ear of corn
Shobek – made void; forsaken
Shochoh – defense; a bough
Shoham – keeping back
Shomer – keeper; dregs
Shophach – pouring out
Shophan – rabbit; hid
Shoshannim – those that shall be changed
Shua – crying; saving
Shuah – ditch; swimming; humiliation
Shual – fox; path; first
Shubael – returning captivity; seat of God
Shuham – talking; thinking; humiliation; budding
Shulamite – peaceable; perfect; that recompenses
Shunem – their change; their sleep
Shuni – changed; sleeping
Shuphim – Shuppim, wearing them out; their shore
Shur – wall; ox; that beholds
Shushan – lily; rose; joy
Shuthelah – plant; verdure; moist; pot
Sia – moving; help
Sibbechai – bough; cottage; of springs
Sibmah – conversion; captivity
Sichem – portion; shoulder
Siddim – the tilled field
Sidon – hunting; fishing; venison
Sigionoth – according to variable songs or tunes
Sihon – rooting out; conclusion
Sihor – black; trouble (the river Nile)
Silas – three, or the third
Silla – exalting
Siloa – Siloam, Siloe, same as Shilhi
Silvanus – who loves the forest
Simeon – that hears or obeys; that is heard
Simon – that hears; that obeys
Sin – a bush – enmity
Sinai – a bush; enmity
Sinim – south country
Sion – noise; tumult
Sippai – threshold; silver cup
Sinon – a breast -plate; deliverance
Sisamai – house; blindness
Sisera – that sees a horse or a swallow
Sitnah – hatred
Sivan – a bush or thorn
Smyrna – myrrh
So – a measure for grain; vail
Socoh – tents; tabernacles
Sodi – my secret
Sodom – their secret; their cement
Solomon – peaceable; perfect; one who recompenses
Sopater – Sosipater – who defends the father
Sophereth – scribe – numbering
Sorek – vine; hissing; a color inclining to yellow
Sosthenes – savior; strong; powerful
Sotai – conclusion in pleading; binding
Spain – rare; precious
Stachys – spike or ear of corn
Stephanas – crown; crowned
Stephen – same as Stephanas
Suah – speaking; entreating; ditch
Succoth – tents; tabernacles
Succoth -benoth – the tents of daughters – or young women; or prostitutes
Sud – my secret
Sur – that withdraws or departs; rebellion
Susanna – lily; rose; joy
Susi – horse; swallow; moth
Sychar – end
Syene – a bush; enmity
Syntyche – that speaks or discourses
Syracuse – that draws violently

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