Obadiah- servant of the Lord
Obal- inconvenience of old age
Obed- a servant; workman
Obed-edom- servant of Edom
Obil- that weeps; who deserves to be bewailed
Oboth- dragons; fathers; desires
Ocran- a disturber; that disorders
Oded- to sustain- hold or lift up
Og- a cake; bread baked in ashes
Ohad- praising; confessing
Ohel- tent; tabernacle; brightness
Olympas- heavenly
Omar- he that speaks; bitter
Omega- the last letter of the Greek alphabet; long O
Omri- sheaf of corn
On- pain; force; iniquity
Onan- same as On
Onesimus- profitable; useful
Onesiphorus- who brings profit
Ono- grief or strength or iniquity of him
Ophel- a tower; darkness; small white cloud
Ophir- fruitful region
Ophni- wearisomeness; folding together
Ophrah- dust; lead; a fawn
Oreb- a raven
Oren- pine tree
Ornan- that rejoices
Orpah- the neck or skull
Oshea- same as Joshua
Othni- my time; my hour
Othniel- the hour of God
Ozem- that fasts; their eagerness
Ozias- strength from the Lord
Ozni- an ear; my hearkening

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