Kabzeel – The congregation of God
Kadesh – Kadesh-Barnea, holiness, Kadesh,Barnea means holiness of an inconstant son
Kadmiel – God of antiquity, God of rising
Kadmonites – Ancients; chiefs
Kallai – Light, resting by fire; my voice
Kamon – Name of Place in Book of Judges 10:06
Kanah – Of reeds
Kareah – Bald; ice
Karkaa – Floor; dissolving coldness
Karkor – They rested
Karnaim – Horns
Kartah – Calling, Meeting
Kedar – Blackness, Sorrow
Kedemah – Oriental, Ancient, First
Kedemoth – Antiquity,Old age
Kehelahath – A whole, Congregation
Keiiah – She that divides, She that cuts
Keilah – Fortress; enclosed; sling. Let the faint be alienated.
Kelaiah – Voice of the Lord,Gathering together
Kelitah – Same as Kelaiah
Kemuel – God hath raised up, God has established him
Kenah- Buying, Possession
Kenan- Buyer; Owner
Kenaz – This purchase, This lamentation
Kenites – Possession, Purchase, Lamentation
Kenizzites – Possession, Purchase
Keren-happuch – The horn, Child of beauty
Kerioth – The cities; Callings
Keros – Crooked- Crookedness
Keturah – Incense, That makes the incense to fume
Kezia – Superficies- Angle, Cassia
Keziz – End, Extremity
Kibroth -hattaavah,The graves of lust
Kibzaim – Congregation
Kidron – Obscure,Making black, Making sad
Kinah – Same as Kenah
Kir – City, Wall, Meeting
Kir -haraseth,Kirharesh; City of the sun,Wall of burnt brick
Kirioth – Same as Kerioth
Kirjath – City; vocation; meeting
Kirjathaim- The two cities; callings; or meetings
Kirjath -arba- City of four; Fourth city
Kirjath -arim- City of those who watch
Kirjath -baal- City of Baal,City of a ruler
Kirjath -huzoth- City of streets, Populous city
Kirjath -jearim- City of woods
Kirjath -sannah- City of enmity, City of a blackberry bush
Kirjath -sepher- City of letters, City of the book
Kish – Hard- Difficult- Straw; for age
Kishi – Hardness- His gravity, His offense
Kishion – Hardness; soreness
Kishon – Hard; sore
Kithlish – It is a wall; the company of a lioness
Kitron – Making sweet; binding together
Kittim – Breaking; bruising small; gold; coloring
Koa – Hope- Congregation, a line; a rule
Kohath – Congregation, wrinkle; bluntness
Kolaiah – Voice of Jehovah
Korah – Baldness- ice, frost
Kushaiah – Same as Kishi

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