A beautiful young Jewish orphan who is cared for by cousin Mordecai. Chosen to be a possible wife for the great king Xerxes I. Becomes wife of the Persian emperor, who does not know she is Jewish. Intelligent, discreet – the perfect wife. Saves the Jewish people from the danger of an ancient Holocaust.

Deborah (wife of Lapidoth)
This extraordinary woman was a prophetess and a judge in ancient Israel.. She used to sit under the palm of Deborah (‘Deborah’ means ‘bee’) between Ramah and Bethel in the hill country of Ephraim, and the Israelite people came up to her for judgment and wise advice.

Queen of Sheba (actual name unknown)
Queen of Sheba (actual name unknown)
Who was this legendary figure who came flaunting herself (and her wealth) at King Solomon’s court? Nobody really knows. Most probably she was from Ethiopia, a queen in her own right – a royal woman used to getting her own way and confidently sure of her worth.

Ruth (of the Hebrew family Elimelech and Naomi)
Ruth is one of the most famous women of the Bible – which is strange when you realize she was not an Israelite at all, but a Moabite woman, a foreigner, an outsider.

Left alone when her husband died, she had one great asset: a shrewd old Jewish mother-in-law who loved her, and whom she loved.

Mary (mother of Jesus)
The New Testament begins its account of Mary’s life with the Annunciation, when the angel Gabriel appeared to her and announced her divine selection to be the mother of Jesus.

Yael or Jael (wife of Heber the Kenite)
Jael was a murderess, but a great heroine of Israel nevertheless. She finished what Deborah had started.

Jael was a small, unarmed woman, but the Song of Deborah records with a certain macabre glee the way Jael murdered the fearsome enemy general Sisera.

Rahab (Jericho prostitute / inn-keeper)
Rahab lived in a seedy part of town, up against the outer wall of the city. It was not a desirable location in ancient real estate, but in this case it turned out to be the right address.

Rahab was ideally placed to help Joshua capture the city of Jericho.

Joanna, wife of Chuza
When Jesus arrived in Jerusalem for what was to be his last visit, Joanna knew the danger he was in. She knew the Jewish and Roman political world well, and she was terrified.


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