Let me love Thee; come, revealing
All Thy love has done for me;
Help my heart, so unbelieving,
By the sight of Calvary;
Let me see Thy love despising
All the shame my sins had brought,
By Thy torments realizing
What a price my pardon bought.

Let me love Thee, Savior,
Take my heart forever;
Nothing but Thy favor
My soul can satisfy.

Let me love Thee; Thou art claiming
Every feeling of my soul;
Let that love, in pow’r prevailing,
Render Thee my life, my all;
For life’s burdens, they are easy,
And life’s sorrows lose their sting,
If they’re carried, Lord, to please Thee,
If their pain Thy smile should win.

Let me love Thee; I am gladdest
When I’m loving Thee, the best;
For in sunshine or in sadness
I can find in Thee a rest;
But without Thee life is fading,
Treasureless its choicest flow’rs;
Taken are its gifts eternal;
Left, its empty passing hours.

Let me love Thee; love is mighty,
Swaying realms of deed and thought;
By it I shall walk uprightly,
I shall serve Thee as I ought;
Love will soften every sorrow,
Love will lighten every care,
Love unquestioning will follow,
Love will triumph, love will dare.


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