Lamb of God, to thee we raise
hymns of holy love and praise,
for the saint and prophet born
to be herald of the morn.

Like the morning star he rose
thine appearing to disclose,
like an ensign lifted high
he declared thy kingdom nigh.

Filled with grace and sanctity
from his blest nativity,
he, the new Elijah, came
bearing zeal’s most sacred flame.

Kinsman of the King divine,
greatest of the prophet’s line,
blest forerunner of the Lord,
who his praises can record?

Mighty preacher, by whose word
souls to penitence were stirred,
those who long in sin had strayed
then the call divine obeyed.

Make us, Lord, like him to be
fearless witnesses for thee,
faithful unto death be found,
and at last by thee be crowned.


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