12 people were killed early Tuesday morning by Al-Shabaab terrorists who attacked a Kenyan guesthouse.

The terrorists blasted through the home with hand grenades and improvised explosives. According to World, 10 of the attack victims were staying in the guesthouse as part of a tour group that showcases school books.

Veronica Wambui, who was pulled from the rubble after the attack described the bloody scene as armed terrorists went room to room on a manhunt for Christians.

“I could see the light from the torch when they were checking out the room, but the collapsed wall had covered me,” Wambui said.

Police spent hours sifting through the rubble in hopes of finding more survivors like Wambui.

The Somalia-based Islamic terror group, al-Shabaab claimed it specifically targeted “Kenyan infidels,” meaning Christians.

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Attacks like these are becoming all too common in Kenya.

Earlier this month, the terrorists launched a similar attack in a residential building and killed 6 people. The group is steadily capturing Kenyan territory and has taken control of three major towns.

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