Ken Ham – Trump’s Win Shows That God Is in Control

Ken Ham
Ken Ham

Ken Ham, a Young Earth Creationist,  has commented on Republican Donald Trump’s unexpected victory over Hillary Clinton in the U.S. presidential elections by pointing out that at the end of the day, God is the one who’s in control.

“Many people and much of the media are shocked and perplexed at the election results. What happened? How could polls be so wrong? Answer: God, not the media, is in control: ‘For there is no authority except from God, and the authorities that exist are appointed by God’ (Romans 13:1),” Ham wrote on Facebook Wednesday morning.

Ham’s post generated discussion and debate, with some wondering whether he was signaling that he supported Trump.

Ham clarified in follow up comments that what he was suggesting is that God put Trump in power, and might be looking to use him like other controversial biblical figures.

“Remember, God used the pagan King Cyrus and called him His anointed: ‘Thus says the LORD to His anointed, To Cyrus, whose right hand I have held — To subdue nations before him And loose the armor of kings, To open before him the double doors, So that the gates will not be shut:’ (Isaiah 45:1),” he told readers.

In a follow up post, he suggested that God also put outgoing President Barack Obama in charge as well.

“Also the Bible makes it clear, with the verse I quoted in my post that regardless of who is in authority God put them there. That was true of Obama too for the past eight years,” Ham wrote.

Ham has not shied away from criticizing Trump in the past, and in October suggested that the Republican does not promote “the Christian worldview” or understand what “real Christianity” is.

“I personally think many people are rallying behind Donald Trump because in our sea of political correctness and liberal media, Trump (regardless of whether he is correct in some of his beliefs) does speak with authority. It comes across as genuine, and he is also admired by many voters because he really doesn’t care what people think of his answers,” the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum president said at the time.

Ham has also alluded to Trump’s scandals of making lewd comments toward women, by remarking on the strangeness of a culture that has ‘largely thrown God and Christianity out of its midst’ and judging public figures by using a Christian morality.

“It is interesting that much of the culture demands relative morality, but suddenly wants to apply Christian morality to a politician,” Ham wrote back in October.

“Now that many secular media are using Christian morality to judge politics, will they now also judge TV programs/movies by the same standard?” he asked.

“Secular media by and large scoffs at Christianity and Christian morality, but now appeals to its moral standards to judge in politics — completely inconsistent!”

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