Joni Eareckson Tada Thanks Jesus After Being Declared Cancer Free


Christian author and speaker, Joni Eareckson Tada is celebrating after beating breast cancer for the second time.

The 69-year-old shared the “miraculous” news on Facebook along with a picture of herself holding up a sign saying “All Clear”. 

Tada, who ministers to disabled people worldwide through her charity, Joni and Friends, was diagnosed with breast cancer for a second time last November. 

She had breast cancer eight years ago, at which time she underwent a mastectomy as part of her treatment and finally beat it before it returned again last year. 

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After her second diagnosis, a tumor was removed and she underwent radiation treatment earlier this year before eventually returning to work full-time, despite being “more susceptible to colds”. 

She had admitted at the time that she felt it was “needful for Christ” that she live a little longer because of the millions of disabled people in the world who do not know Jesus.

Now, Tada is celebrating after receiving the good news from her oncologist that the tumor removed last year did not spread.  

Joni-Eareckson-Tada is cancer-free

Sharing the good news on her Facebook page, she wrote:

“Proverbs 25:25 says, ‘Good news from far away is like cold water to a thirsty soul.’ That perfectly describes Ken (Tada’s husband) and me today.”

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“We were prepared to gladly take whatever from the hand of God, even if it were from his left hand.

“But the Lord was gracious and heard the desire of our hearts – last Friday’s PET scan shows that my second tumor that was removed last November… did not metastasize! Given the aggressive nature of that reoccurring cancer, this news is quite miraculous.

“So, THANK you for lifting us up before the Lord Jesus,” she continued. “For now, we have been spared of more cancer battles. We humbly realize that may well change in the future; but for today, for now, we are rejoicing in those wonderful words from my medical oncologist: ‘all clear!’ Onward and upward…”

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