Jesus is calling His people again,
Back to the glorified heavenly plain,
Home to the city of purity bright,
Out from sin Babel’s confusion and night.

Glory to God! We’ll sing it again!
Glory to God! We’ll shout the refrain!
Praise to Jehovah our tongues shall employ,
Home to Mount Zion we’re coming with joy.

Jesus is calling the holy to war,
See them now coming from near and from far;
Hear on the mountain their song of delight,
See their white raiment and armor of light.

Jesus is calling the chosen and few,
Now in Mount Zion they’re building anew,
Building the walls of the city of God,
While His high praises they’re sounding aloud.

Jesus is calling the faithful and true,
Calling, my brother and sister, for you;
For in Jerusalem city today
Thousands are gathering, do not delay.


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