Jesus Has Forgiven Me, ex-killer Insists

Mark Chapman
Mark Chapman

The man who shot dead music legend and rock superstar, John Lennon has said that he is convinced he has been forgiven by Jesus Christ.

Mark Chapman was convicted of shooting dead the Beatles star outside his home in 1980. Chapman shot Lennon four times in the back.

According to The Daily Mirror, the 62-year-old who has been in jail since shooting Lennon outside his New York flat in 1980, wrote to a pen pal, explaining that he had committed a “heinous crime” and that he’s “never forgotten” the “horrible occurrence.” Then, he says that he is sure of Jesus’ forgiveness for his sins.

“Jesus is a real, living person I have come to know,” he reportedly wrote. “Jesus is everything. I have found this through the many long years here at Attica [the New York State jail where he was previously held].

“Through it all I have come to know he cares very deeply for me – and for you,” Chapman continued.

“He chose to die so that our sins – even mine – could be forgiven.”

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