Fair city of the gospel day,
Long have they sung of thee,
But sung thy glory far away,
And failed thy light to see.
‘Come,’ said an angel voice to John,
‘I’ll show the bride of Christ’;
He showed him new Jerusalem,
In bridal glory dressed.

Jerusalem, my blissful home,
Long has my soul repined for thee;
I’ll sing thy praise forevermore,
Blest mother of the pure and free.

This holy new Jerusalem
Came down from God all pure;
In her the Lord doth dwell with men,
And keep them evermore.
Thou art the mother of us all,
Thou art the church of God;
And all within thy sacred wall
Are washed in Jesus’ blood.

The Lamb of God Himself thy light,
Shines out in crystal rays;
We call thy walls salvation bright,
And all thy gates are praise.
O city of eternal truth,
Blest mother of the free,
As in the glory of thy youth,
The saints have come to thee.


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