Iranian Supreme Leader In Meeting With Hamas Founder: ‘We Are The Enemies Of The Zionists And We Will Fight Them’


In Never-Before-Seen Video Of Iranian Supreme Leader Khamenei’s 1998 Tehran Meeting With Hamas Founder Ahmad Yassin, Released By Khamenei’s Office, Khamenei Tells Yassin: ‘We Are The Enemies Of The Zionists… This Cancerous Growth… And We Will Fight Them’; ‘We Are Proud Of You, You Are A Source of Honor For Islam’

On November 9, 2023, a month after Hamas invaded southern Israel and massacred over 1,200 Israeli civilians on October 7, the office of Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei published a video that included never-before-seen footage of a May 1998 meeting in Tehran between Khamenei and Hamas founder Sheikh Ahmad Yassin, who had arrived in Iran at the head of a Hamas delegation. Yassin was assassinated by Israel in 2004.

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Since its establishment, Hamas has openly declared, in its 1988 charter and ever since, that its goal is the destruction of Israel – a goal touted by Iran’s Islamic regime, which refers to Israel as a “cancerous growth.”

The video shows parts of the 1998 meeting, including Khamenei’s and Yassin’s discussion of the need to destroy Israel through military conflict, as well as scenes from the current Israel-Hamas war, with a focus on Gazans climbing on Israeli tanks and military vehicles, Hamas tunnels underneath Gaza, rocket attacks against Israel, and more.

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In the video, Khamenei tells Yassin: “We are proud of you. We consider this Islamic movement to be a source of honor for Islam, [and] I see all of it to be completely compatible with Islamic principles and the laws of Islam and the Quran. Without a doubt, this will be victorious. God’s promise is true when He says, “Allah will surely help those who help his cause – indeed, Allah is strong and mighty [Quran 22:40]”

Originally published by Mideast media watchdog MEMRI-TV

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