Our Father hath so loved us,
He gave His only Son
To die for guilty sinners,
To ransom everyone;
Such love is more than human,
Compassionate, divine;
Because He died, I’m living,
And heaven’s joy is mine.

Oh, love, oh, love
That came from heav’n above!
His Son He gave my soul to save,
I know that God is love.

He loved the lost one straying
Upon the mountains cold;
Love sought me from the darkness,
And brought me to His fold;
While feasting in His presence
His graces rich I prove;
He keeps His banner o’er me-
‘Tis love, unfailing love.

A mother’s love is tender,
It floweth warm and free:
Though she forget her offspring,
Yet I’ll remember thee;
His love, a brilliant beacon
The ages cannot dim:
Behold, with loving kindness
He draweth us to Him!

Oh, precious love of Jesus!
It melts the heart of stone,
And molds it in His image,
And binds it to His own;
His love in us perfected,
Will doubt and fear remove;
Put on, O holy brethren,
This bond of perfect love.


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