Written By John W. Hewett

In the name of God, the Father,
In the name of God, the Son,
In the name of God, the Spirit,
One in Three, and Three, in One,
In the name, which highest angels
Speak not, ere they veil their face,
Crying, ‘Holy, holy, holy!’
Come we to this sacred place.

Here, in figure represented,
See the passion once again;
Here behold the Lamb most holy
As for our redemption slain;
Here the Saviour’s body broken,
Here the blood which Jesus shed,
Mystic food of life eternal
See, for our refreshment spread.

Here shall highest praise be offered,
Here shall meekest pray’r be poured,
Here, with body, soul and spirit,
God incarnate be adored.
Holy Jesus, for Thy coming,
May Thy love our hearts prepare;
Thine we fain would have them wholly,
Enter, Lord, and tarry there.


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