Far down o’er the ages a promise divine
Descended to us in the fullness of time-
A seed should appear in the stars of the heav’n,
And they should inherit a land to be giv’n.

Oh, we are the seed, so happy and blest,
That dwell in the land of Canaan’s holy rest;
Here streams of pure love are flowing along,
And anthems of glory are sounding in song.

From Egypt we started, resolved to be free,
And God cast our foes all behind in the sea;
Then straight through the wilderness onward we moved,
No halt, we determined, till Canaan we proved.

The wide severed waters of Jordan we passed,
Our lot in the land of all blessings we’ve cast;
The ‘ites’ are destroyed, and the land is our own,
One King, our Redeemer, we worship alone.

This land is salvation, and holiness pure,
We find it in Jesus, our title is sure;
O sweet land of Beulah, thy glory divine
Forever and ever unclouded shall shine.


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