A Muslim cleric from Sydney, Australia, has sparked a storm of criticism by saying on television that the Islamic prophet Muhammad was a Christian until age 40 reports Breitbart.

Imam Mostafa Rashed, considered by many to be the highest authority on Islam in Australia, even stated that Muhammad was the assistant to a Christian preacher named Waraqa Bin Nofal.

Rashed’s comments have outrage on social media. “Now this has crossed the limits of madness. He took some serious drugs. May Allah erase you and your mind,” one person tweeted. It is not the first time that this Imam has been involved in controversy. Last year, he had a shoe thrown at him after suggesting that Muslim women did not have to wear the burka.

Rashed was also criticized in Australia when he suggested that there was nothing in the Quran that said Muslims couldn’t drink alcohol, only that they couldn’t get drunk.

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