I’m a soldier bound for glory,
I’m a soldier going home;
Come and hear me tell my story-
All who love the Savior, come.

I love Jesus, hallelujah!
I love Jesus, yes, I do, I do;
I love Jesus, He’s my Savior;
Jesus smiles and loves me too.

I will tell you what induced me
In the glorious fight to start:
‘Twas the Savior’s loving-kindness
Overcame and won my heart.

When I first commenced my warfare,
Many said, ‘He’ll run away’;
But their words have been unfounded-
In the fight I am today.

I’m ‘a wonder unto many,’
God alone the change has wrought;
Here I raise my Ebenezer,
Hither by His help I’m brought.

When to death’s dark, swelling river,
Like a warrior I shall come,
Then I mean to shout ‘Salvation!’
And go singing ‘glory!’ home.


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