I Was A ‘Magnet to Evil, Literally Working for the Devil’: Ex-Warlock Shares Encounter With Jesus


“I was hearing voices, I know I was possessed….., I was literally working for the devil.”

Richard Lorenzo Jr. was at one time embroiled in the occult, engaging in evil and encouraging others to do the same. But all that changed when he accepted Jesus in 2019.

“I was hearing voices — I was literally hearing voices, the ex-warlock told CBN.” “I definitely was possessed.”

Lorenzo’s journey into darkness started like so many others. From money to travel and women, Richard had “everything” he wanted — but it simply wasn’t enough.

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“I was still empty inside, so that question would run through my mind constantly: What’s the purpose of life?” he said. “What are we doing here?”

In his quest for soul satisfaction, Lorenzo eventually dove deep into selling drugs, when a massive drug package went missing, he became obsessed with finding out who took it. That’s when he turned to an unexpected source to try and discover the answer: a voodoo priest. He headed all the way to Haiti to meet with the occultist.

“I got back to America [and] that’s when things went crazy,” he said.

Lorenzo soon got so enthralled with evil that he forgot about the missing package and became obsessed with spiritualism. The subsequent journey led him into the bowels of the occult, diving so deep into the abyss, he gave up everything to study such practices.

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“I went to more voodoo priests in L.A., and psychics, and mediums,” Lorenzo explained. “I know I was possessed. … I used to believe that the things I was doing were right.”

He continued, “I used to believe … abortion is right. … I would convince people about abortion, convince people to get drunk, to cheat on their wives. I was literally working for the devil.”

But an encounter with Jesus Christ changed everything, and today, the ex-warlock turned Christian pastor and founder of the Remnant Revival Outreach Center, is sharing his incredible journey to faith in Jesus Christ and through his message, turning many to salvation.

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Watch Lorenzo tell his story of chaos and transformation below;

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