My heavenly Father is caring for me,
My bark He is guiding o’er life’s raging sea;
Though storms overshadow, and billows are wild,
They cannot o’erwhelm me, for I am His child.

Oh, I am His child, His own loving child,
He cares for me so tenderly, for I am His child.

And when in the furnace of trial I stand,
My Savior beside me doth hold to my hand;
‘Be faithful,’ He whispers in accents so mild;
The flames cannot harm me, for I am His child.

When clouds thickly gather and hide from my view
The face of my Savior, His eye pierces through;
He keeps me from being by Satan beguiled;
Securely I’m resting, for I am His child.

His child evermore, and He’s with me, I know,
E’en though through the valley of death I should go;
He keepeth my spirit by sin undefiled;
He’ll take me to heaven, for I am His child.


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