Evangelist Franklin Graham has honored a veteran police officer for helping save about 1,500 people from the Houston Harvey floods.

Bert Ramon is also receiving treatment for stage 4 colon cancer,but praised God for feeling well enough to put his vast experience to work and rescue everyone he could.

“Did you read about 24-year veteran Police Officer Bert Ramon? He’s in the middle of fighting stage 4 colon cancer, but went to work during Hurricane Harvey and ended up helping save nearly 1,500 people!” writes Graham on Facebook. “And when the media asked him about it, he thanked God for feeling healthy enough to go. He said, “God answered my prayer … I hope I can inspire other cancer patients.”” 

“May God bless Officer Ramon and all those giving of themselves to help others during this disaster! He is an inspiration. Take a minute to encourage him and let him know you’re praying for him.”

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