Hollywood Star Danica McKellar Embraces Christianity: “I Feel The Most ‘Amazing Freedom’”

Hollywood Star Danica McKellar
Hollywood Star Danica McKellar

Hollywood Star Danica McKellar who has spent decades in the industry after breaking into the Hollywood scene playing Winnie Cooper in the hit 1988 show “The Wonder Years,” recently embraced Christianity and is now sharing her experience in her newly found faith in Christ Jesus.

“I feel so blessed … people have said, ‘Oh, you are so bold,’” McKellar said of her willingness to discuss her beliefs. “It doesn’t feel like bold. It doesn’t feel like it requires courage or anything. … When you experience something that is so beautiful, so wonderful, and so life-changing, you want everyone to feel that,” according to Faithwire.

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McKellar’s faith journey started after fellow actress Candace Cameron Bure invited her to a Passion play on April 10, 2022 — an experience that ended up being life-altering, as the Gospel message permeated her heart.

“It just hit me,” she said. “Everything hit me. The Holy Spirit came to me. … It was like a wave of love and understanding hit me.”

“I’d always thought of religion and Christianity as being restrictive and limiting somehow, but, instead, I feel the most amazing freedom,” McKellar said of her faith. “And I was like, I have to share this. I have to tell people the good news.”

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She continued, “I just didn’t get to see … this is the most miraculous, amazing, incredible gift in the whole wide world. I just want people to feel that they’re not alone, that there’s love for you at any time, and it’s such a gift.”

Watch McKellar tell her story in the video below:

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