Baby Name Gender Meaning Origin
Kalanit F Flower Hebrew
Kaleb M Faithfulness Hebrew
Kannelite F Lord’s vineyard Unknown
Karmel M Lords vineyard Hebrew
Karmelit F Lord’s vineyard Hebrew
Karmelita F Lord’s vineyard Spanish
Karmia F Song Hebrew
Karmit F Song Hebrew
Katriel F My crown is God Hebrew
Kefira F Lion cub Hebrew
Keiyn F Horn Hebrew
Kelilah F Victorious Hebrew
Kelula F Victorious Hebrew
Kelyn F Beauty Unknown

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Baby Name Gender Meaning Origin
Keran F Horn Hebrew
Keren F Horn Hebrew
Kerrin F Beauty Hebrew
Ketura F Incense Unknown
Keturah F Sacrifice Hebrew
Kezia F Cassia or sweet scented spice Hebrew
Keziah F Cassia or sweet scented spice Hebrew
Kiba F Protected Hebrew
Kinneret F Harp Hebrew
Kinnette F Harp Hebrew
Kitra F Crown Arabic
Kiva F Protected Hebrew
Kivi F Protected Hebrew
Ksena F Praise be to God Unknown
Kyla F Victorious Unknown


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