Baby Name Gender Meaning
Bama M Son of prophecy
Barak M Lightning
Baram M Son of the nation
Barnabas M Son of comfort
Barnabe M Son of prophecy
Barnaby M Son of prophecy
Barrak M Flash of lightning
Bart M Ploughman
Bartel M Ploughman
Bartholomew M Ploughman
Bartley M Ploughman
Baruch M Blessed
Bathsheba F Daughter of Sheba
Battseeyon F Daughter of Zion
Battzion F Daughter of Zion
Batya F Daughter of God
Beathag F To serve God
Becky F Bound
Bela M Destruction
Bella F Beautiful
Ben M Son
Benjamin M Born of the right hand
Benkamin M Ploughman
Benoni M Son of my sorrows

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Baby Name Gender Meaning
Benroy M Son of a lion
Benzion M Son of Zion
Berakhiah M God blesses
Beruriah F Selected by God
Beth F God is my oath
Bethanee F House of figs
Bethani F House of figs
Bethanie F House of figs
Bethann F House of figs
Bethany F House of figs
Bethea F Maid servant of Jehovah
Bethel F House of God
Betheli F House of God
Bethia F Maid servant of Jehovah
Bethsaida F Merciful
Bethseda F Merciful
Bethsheba F Oath
Betje F God is my oath
Betsy F God is my oath
Betti F God is my oath
Bettina F God is my oath
Bettine F God is my oath
Betty F God is my oath
Betula F Maiden
Betzalel M In the shadow of God
Beula F To marry
Beulah F To marry
Bina F Understanding
Binah M Wisdom
Binyamin M Son of the right hand
Bitya F Daughter of God
Boas M Swift
Boaz M Swift
Bogdan M Gift from God
Bohdan M Gift from God
Bozi F Devoted to God
Bracha F Blessing
Brachah F Blessing

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