The waters heard Jesus, death heard Jesus, fish heard Jesus, the storm heard Jesus, the tree heard Jesus, even bread heard Jesus, etc.

Every believer has the ability in him to hear and to recognize the voice of God (John 10:27). No one will ever need to teach you how His voice sounds because when you’re born again, His voice is recognized by your spirit.

However, several times we tend to call his voice ‘SOMETHING’. We’re like, something told me to do this, I felt something doing this/that in me…….
Dear believer, most of those times, it wasn’t something, it was your Father’s voice speaking to you.

Learn to listen to His voice because He’s always speaking to you in everything, at every time, even in your gravest mistakes, He never stops talking to your spirit,. Therefore, learn to allow the release of your spirit in that which it receives from God.

It is worthy of note that in giving yourself to hearing or improving in your hearing of God’s voice, the first step to take is not always to start ‘praying and fasting’ (especially long days), but studying the scriptures.

While Praying and Fasting is so-so-so very important, it is necessary to know that when you give yourself to fast and pray, it opens you up, as per, makes you more alert to the spirit realm, and many voices speak in that realm because several spirits parade themselves as gods there. And your ability to discern whether it be the voice of God that you hear or not is a product of your knowledge of God’s word.

The word of God pierces through you and helps you distinguish of the things you hear, what is of God, of the devil or even of your own human spirit and mind (Hebrews 4:12). So when you’re lacking in your knowledge of scriptures, you make yourself vulnerable at those times because there are possibilities that you would come out with words/knowledge that are far from being of God.

Several religions and even congregations have been birthed through this process, and thus, many have been led into darkness because of this single error.

The word of God prevails over all things, give yourself to it, it will help to tune your spirit and your whole being to recognize the voice of God.

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