Title : Hearers Of The Word
Bible Reading : Rev 1:1-3
Memory Verse : Rom 10:17

“Ye have heard of old, that it is not about hearing but doing, but actually no man can do without hearing”

Although it is more blessed to do than to hear, it is very necessary to hear, infact there are blessings attached to even reading alone and additional blessings to the hearers of the word, because they are both process in doing.
Today, I counsel you, to start taken steps towards hearing and loving to hear the spoken and written word of God. Remember our memory verse today “……… faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God”.
Next time you hear that blessed are the doers, remember, even the hearers have some blessing, though smaller compared to the doers. The more you hear the more your blessing, don’t miss tomorrow’s devotion on “Be ye doers of the word”.

Prayer Point: Father, Help me to hear and to love hearing your word.

Action Point: Make plans now on how to increase your chances of reading God’s word today, in office , while driving ,in the restroom etc.

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