‘She hath done what she could,’ said the kind, loving Savior,
When the ointment so precious was poured on His head;
By the hand of a sinner redeemed through His mercy,
Her contrition displayed by the tears that she shed.

Are we bringing the gift of true love to the Savior?
Are we honoring Jesus so gentle and good?
Oh, how sweet it will be when our service is ended
If we hear His voice say, ‘Ye have done what ye could!’

Have we done what we could in the white fields around us,
Where the ripe grain for reapers invitingly waits?
Have we done what we could leading souls out of darkness
Into light that is shining through heavenly gates?

Have we done what we could in extending the Kingdom,
That in power and glory shall ever increase?
Have we done what we could filling earth with the homage
Of the Savior whose praises shall nevermore cease?

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