After having turned to Christ only a month earlier, Harun’s father found his Bible, burned it, and then locked him in their home to face questioning from his extended family about his new faith opendoors reports.

As usual, he was asked if he has become a Christian. Harun answered that he is still a Muslim. Later, he said to his mentor, “I had to reply to them that way to reduce my father’s and the family’s anger. But in my heart, I continue to believe in Christ.” His father, however, continued to lock Harun at home and kept him from going to school.

Pray for Harun as he learns how to remain faithful to Christ in these difficult circumstances. In certain places in Indonesia, leaving Islam and converting to Christianity can threaten one’s life. Therefore, new believers sometimes declare that they are still Muslim, even though they believe in Jesus. They continue to wear the veil, maintain Islam on their identity card, and/or go to the mosque until they are spiritually strong enough to reveal their true beliefs.

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