With Thine eye, O Savior, guide me
Through my pilgrimage below;
In Thy secret presence hide me,
On my heart Thy grace bestow.

Blessed Jesus, blessed Jesus,
May I feel that Thou art nigh;
Let me rest upon Thy promise,
‘I will guide Thee with mine eye.’

Guide me when the shadows o’er me
To my vision dark appear;
Let me see my way before me,
As at noonday bright and clear.

Guide my thoughts lest they should wander
To the empty dreams of earth;
Let me on Thy goodness ponder,
Yea, on things of heav’nly worth.

Guide my words that they be spoken
In such kind and loving way;
They may heal a heart that’s broken,
Someone’s darkness turn to day.

Guide my actions, O my Father,
Guide my soul to heaven’s shore;
Thee I’ll follow and no other,
Be my guide forevermore.


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