God is my strength,
O’er hilltop and mountain,
By streamlet and fountain;
Wherever I wander,
My soul loves to ponder
On Jesus, my hope and my trust.

God is my strength
When battle is waging
And devils are raging;
Though waters rise o’er me,
Though mounts stand before me,
In Jesus, my Lord, I will trust.

God is my strength
In fiery temptation
And sore tribulation;
By faith and assurance
And grace for endurance
My all in His hands I will trust.

God is my strength;
In every affliction
My Lord’s crucifixion
Reminds me that Jesus
Has died to release us
From suff’ring; yes, Him I will trust.

God is my strength
While demons surround me,
And seek to confound me;
His right hand upholds me,
His strong arm enfolds me;
In Jesus I ever will trust.


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