Fulani Herds­men Killed Over 1,000 Christians In Southern Kaduna – CAN

The Christian Asso­ciation of Nigeria (CAN) is lamenting over the lost of at least 1,000 members since the Southern Kaduna mayham started in May 2016.
The National Secretary General of CAN, Rev Musa Asake, who stated this accused Imams and Ulama of not wanting peace in Southern Ka­duna.

National Secretary of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Rev. Musa Asake
National Secretary of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Rev. Musa Asake
“It is a clear fact that CAN has the more to lose with the continuance of these madness. Since May last year to date in Southern Kaduna alone, over 1,000 Christians have been killed; over 53 communities with their churches have been de­stroyed and not less than 16 villages have been con­quered and are now being occupied by Fulani herds­men terrorists.
“The Imams and Ulama are the ones who are bene­fiting from this orchestrat­ed violence with the new territories conquered for them. They are the ones that don’t want peace”, Asake said.
He lamented that the herdsmen seem to have been given a mandate to eliminate Christians in the state as they go about the killings without fear.
“While we will con­tinue to pray for Southern Kaduna and other af­fected areas and play any role possible for peace, the world must be informed that the killings in South­ern Kaduna is still going on with impunity, because the murderers have been given immunity and they feel they are untouchable.
To CAN, this is a surprising shameless, unveiled criminal support for evil. While, the killings of children, women, aged and the most defenseless of Southern Kaduna na­tives and the destruction of entire communities was at its peak, no one knew that a group called Council of Imams and Ulama existed in Kaduna State.
“CAN wishes to state that the demand of these Muslim preachers has again reaffirmed their hypocrisy.

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