There’s an awful day that’s coming,
Soon we’ll feel the judgment shock;
Then, poor sinner, seek a refuge
In the everlasting Rock.
O’er thy head thy sins are forming
Into clouds of threat’ning storm;
Hear the angry thunders rolling,
Soon the woeful blast will come.

Stop, poor sinner, madly heaping
‘Wrath against the day of wrath’:
At thy horror and thy weeping,
Frowning judgment will but laugh.
Soon thy heart will stop its beating,
Death, a sullen, awful flood,
End thy day, so short and fleeting:
Quickly, sinner, come to God.

Come, poor sinner, get salvation
Ere all hope has fled away;
Heed the warning, flee for refuge,
Come to Jesus, come today.
Sinner, in this very moment,
Ere the billows sweep away
Grieved and slighted hopes of heaven,
Flee for refuge while you may.

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