Faith-based movies have seen wide success over the past couple of years, and the entertainment industry is taking note, with many new faith-based films set to release this fall. The focus seems to be on spiritual life abroad, with stories of missionary families, military life and a well-known global evangelist.


This film picks up where the last “Unbroken” movie ended. The film is based on the book written by Laura Hillenbrand, and follows the life of Olympic gold medalist Louis “Louie” Zamperini, who fought in World War II, and ultimately was captured as a Japanese prisoner of war.

“Unbroken: Path to Redemption,” tells the story of Zamperini’s return home and the battles he faces after being released as a prisoner of war. The movie shows the uphill battle many service members face when experiencing freedom at home following the perils of war.

In the movie, Zamperini goes head-to-head with his faith struggles when he attends a Billy Graham tent revival that proves life-changing.


This film tells the story of a young widow who struggles to keep her relationship with God after her husband is killed in combat in Afganistan. The film was directed by “God’s Not Dead” filmmaker Harold Cronk, and is expected to have similar success as his other films.

The movie hits theaters Sept. 7 and features stars Lindsay Pulsipher (from “True Blood), Andrew W. Walker (from “Date With Love”), Jordin Sparks (from “Sparkle”), LaDainian “LT” Tomlinson (an NFL Football Hall of Famer), Makenzie Moss (from “Steve Jobs”), Kim Delaney (from “Army Wives”), and Robin Givens (from “Riverdale”).


This faith-based movie tells the true story of Army chaplain Darren Turner, and depicts the strain military life can have on a family. “Indivisible” shows the importance of holding tight to your faith, and your marriage, even when the trials seem impossible.

The cast of  “Indivisible” includes “Grey’s Anatomy” stars, Sarah Drew (Chaplain Turner’s wife, Heather Turner), Justin Bruening (Darren Turner) and Jason George (an American soldier). Sarah Drew is not only starring in the film, but she is also an executive producer.

The movie would be at theaters October 26.


This autobiographical film follows the life of famed evangelist Luis Palau, who lost his father at a young age. After years of helping keep his family afloat, Palau hears one of Billy Graham’s sermons on the radio and decides to dedicate his life to Jesus.

The film also shows various trials Palau faced as a street preacher, and what he did to overcome them.

The movie will be released in October.


“Stains” is a film based off of the true story of Graham Staines, a missionary who was martyred for his faith in Jesus Christ. The film depicts the lives of the Australian missionary and his two young sons, who were killed in India after ministering to a Leper community in 1999.

Stephen Baldwin (“God’s Plan”) and Shari Rigby (“October Baby”) star in the movie. In an interview with the Christian Post earlier this year, Baldwin shared that he was prompted by God to do the film.

“I know God called me to the ‘Staines’ movie,” he said, calling the movie an answer to prayer that was “empowered by the Holy Spirit.”

No official date has been announced, but the film will premiere sometime this fall.

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