Far above all is our Savior enthroned;
Crown’d is the Lamb who by sinners is owned,
Living forever to list to our call,
God hath exalted Him far above all.

Far above all! Far above all!
Jesus the crucified far above all!
High as His members upon Him we call,
God hath exalted Him far above all!

When the fierce tempest, uplifting its waves,
Seeks to engulf us, we cry and He saves;
Looking to Jesus, upheld by His hand,
Tread we the billows as safe as on land.

High are the cities that dare our assault,
Strong are the barriers that call us to halt;
March we on fearless, and down they must fall,
Vanquish’d by faith in Him far above all.

His is the kingdom from pole unto pole,
Far above all while the ages shall roll,
With Him the victors, who follow’d His call,
Share in His royalty far above all.


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