Ex-Satanist’s Suicidal Experience Brings Him To Christ

Ex-Satanist Ben Atkins shares encounter with Jesus Christ
Ex-Satanist Ben Atkins shares encounter with Jesus Christ

“I found myself giving myself to Satan ……. Satanism became my life”

That’s not an admission one would expect to hear from a preacher, but Ben Atkins wasn’t always a believer. In fact, the U.K.-based pastor went through quite a harrowing journey — one that took him into the bowels of a satanic worldview before he discovered hope in Christ.

The occult led him to experience demonic nightmares — and worse.

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“I was seeing demons, and demons were, like, coming to me and entering me. I just became more and more depressed,” Atkins said. “It was at that point I started planning how to kill myself, because I didn’t see a way out. I thought, ‘Well, either Satan’s gonna kill me, or I am. So I’d rather at least seize back one last bit of power.’”

An encounter with Jesus Christ brought life and hope to Atkins who today is preaching the gospel of Christ and giving hope to the lost.

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“This is my story. These are my experiences,” Atkins recently said on “The Playing With Fire” podcast, noting his story involves “supernatural things” and that he is careful not to go beyond what he experienced and what he sees in Scripture. “I’m quite hesitant to go beyond what the Bible says, what Jesus taught, and my experience. That’s really all I can share with any sort of authority.”

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